01 March 2009

Mexico City Food Correspondent

Friend and fellow blogger extraordinaire, Erin Newby of O-Absalom, sends us dispatches from the Federal District's food scene. Unfortunately her camera's broken. Fortunately, she's a lyrical writer with a degree in English from Oxford under her belt. It really shouldn't be any problem to imagine these dishes. Her favorites, you will see, often center on guacamole, margaritas, and seafood. This is all a lead-up to a guest blog she will write upon re-entry in New York, so stay tuned!

March 1, 17:38

Just arrived and went for lunch at a place the concierge recommended. Amazing! Star was the zucchini flower quesadilla, along with the spicy, delicious guacamole, and there were also some wonderful crabmeat tacos that had been cooked in banana leaves. And a zesty, sweet margarita, or course!


Nik said...

Are there really cities in this world where concierges recommend good restaurants? one of my deepest convictions (never ask the Concierge or the taxi driver) just got a severe blow...

The Girls Who Ate Everything said...

I don't know as even more Ms Newby in Mexico it's hit or miss. The concierge at the ├╝ber chic W hotel knew his stuff, while the taxi driver later directed her to a more mediocre joint. Go figure. I would have trusted the taxi driver over the concierge. How do you find good places in China?