06 July 2009


Hullo from Cheery England!

These past three years, under Marcus' careful tutelage, I have been learning to enjoy fish again. Ever since a fateful fish sticks snack 16 years ago, I have avoided any sea life. Yet as I grew older and more curious in my eating (and let's face it, there's no where to go but up after considering frozen fish sticks and ketchup a lunch par excellence), I knew I had to face my fears. Yogurt is still another story for another time.

Happy am I to report that Haddock has now been added to the list of fish I eat! Saturday Marcus introduced me to Borough Market, London's premier wholesale market also open to the public certain days. It's already become my new Chelsea Market, my London replacement for the place I loved best in NYC.

Fish! is a Borough Market establishment already thoroughly documented in the foodie press for its high quality fish exquisitely cooked. Skip the indoor market and stand in line to buy fish and chips more cheaply at the outdoor stand. Haddock and cod are always offered, but other varieties of fish may be possible according to seasonality and availability.

The Haddock fish and chips tasted like butter, exquisitely delicate as it melted on my tongue. The tartar sauce was nice but not necessary. The thick-cut chips were undersalted to my tongue, but salt and vinegar (and yes, ketchup) are there to season to taste. Another British standard, mushy peas, tasted of my grandmother's Pennsylvania Dutch split pea soup except thicker.

If you're in London I can't recommend the place more heartily! Have you got any other food treasures in London or greater Britain? I've just moved here and look forward to your thoughts!