29 June 2008

A Day in Chelsea Market

Phile Girl and NYC Girl together again! In the turmoil of the city, Chelsea market is my Happy Place, and Phile had yet to see it. We spent a glorious four hours among the food shops, having endless samples of chocolate, wine, and cheese. A dark chocolate bar with macadamia nuts and a gentle hot cayenne pepper kick in the back of your throat after its melted in your mouth. Who knew that parmigiano reggiano has a pineapple aftertaste? Phile girl does not like cheese to taste like fruit. "I found it unsettling. I prefer the pungent, bold flavors that a brine washed cheese typically have. Cheeses that smell like cave...or barnyard!"
Just between you and us, gentle reader, there is an incredible Argentinian Malbec, a limited edition of only 4500 bottles: Hacienda DL Plata, the 2004 Reserve. It isn't too jammy, very subtle red fruits, and some great spice on the nose.
Up next: The Green Table

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frankie teardrop said...

I just recently had a piece of chocolate with that hot cayenne pepper kick to it. Couldn't tell you what brand it was.

I was originally skeptical, as I didn't think the combo would mix, but it hit the spot, and then some. however, I generally put hot sauce on just about everything, so I can't say I'm surprised.