25 August 2008

Hungry in Kabul

After a wicked bout of jet lag, I found myself starving in Kabul with no place to go! Luckily, the city is flooded with little bread shops, selling warm, fresh naan the size of small children. They cost 10 Afghanis, or roughly 20 American cents! 

I start by peeling the outer edges and shoving them in my face...it is divine! So warm and comforting and filling. I have found the perfect breakfast- if I ever feel the plain naan isn't enough, I can buy a small tub of cream cheese for 65 cents (some people avoid any dairy products here, but I have not had any issues). 

Though the size of the bread is intimidating- it can be eaten in one sitting. Trust me.  

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The Girls Who Ate Everything said...

Welcome back Tsinamin!! Glad to hear you're still managing to eat well in Kabul. Is the cream cheese there like the stuff we get in New York? Is it made from cow's milk?