23 May 2009

Declaration on How To Eat Avocados

Wherefore: I love recipes that set us free to be our own creative geniuses in the kitchen.

Whereas: Organic avocados at Whole Foods come in a bag of 4 for $4

Whereas: Guacamole should not be a beautiful mystery strictly confined to Mexican restaurants

I do hereby resolve: All that is needed to make avocados go from good to spectacular is

1) salt
2) acid
3) onion

Therefore these truths becomes self evident:

- Classic Mexican: salt, lime, chopped white or yellow onion
- Italian Iconolast: salt, lemon, chopped garlic (which is a member of the onion family, Alliaceae)
- French Flair: salt, sherry (or red wine) vinegar, finely sliced shallots


Robin Shanea said...

I love the way you so cleverly wrote this!

ERIN NEWBY said...

in addition to what you stipulate, i add a little chopped shallot to my italian guac, and a load of basil. also lots of black pepper and sometimes a little dried red chilli pepper. i am indulgent enough to make fresh, olive oil-and-salt-laden crostini to dunk, still warm, into it. i confess i think i may prefer this to regular guac now.