06 October 2009


To the loyal friends who still check to see if I've tapped anything into the blogosphere: hang on, something new and better is coming.

Heresy! I hear you roar. And true enough, I could never improve on the quality and caliber of my collaborators: Angela, Erin, and my original globe-trotting partner-in-crime Aleks (alias Cinnamon Jones, Tsinamin Djonz). Thank you very much ladies for eating everything from the ultimate chocolate chip cookies, Mexican breakfasts, and naan bread in Kabul. Your appetites have enriched us all.

Yet all by my lonesome in London, and out of deference to the fact that I cannot replace the original Girl Who Ate Everything (will have to fire my researcher for that embarrassing branding clash!), a new opportunity has emerged. No hints, though. You'll have to wait and find out.


ERIN NEWBY said...

very excited.

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